Junior School

Junior School

At Year 7 the transition from primary school to secondary school is a vital step in a child’s education. A smooth transition helps to develop a solid foundation for learning. A broad range of learning skills builds independence, learning and positive attitudes.

At Wollert Secondary College we work with our Year 7 students to ensure they feel connected and have opportunities to develop self-confidence and leadership.  As educators we are committed to providing opportunities for all students, not just to ensure students are academically successful, but to grow into socially informed, culturally competent, responsible, and multi-talented young people. We are committed to providing a safe and secure learning environment built on the foundations of our College values.

Year 7 Subjects

  • English
  • Maths
  • Science
  • Physical Education
  • Health
  • Humanities
  • Connect
  • Food Technology
  • Design Technology
  • Digital Technology
  • The Arts – Performing & Visual

Beyond the prescribed curriculum, Wollert Secondary College is excited to provide students with further programs that allow us to further cater to the individual needs of our students. Our Year 7 students also undertake the following subjects.

WIN (What I Need)

WIN Sessions are designed to provide Wollert Secondary College students with the opportunity to identify strengths and areas for growth within their learning.  Students along with the guidance and support from their WIN teacher will construct SMART Goals for English, Maths and an area for Personal Growth.  Students will develop an understanding of where they are with their learning and what the next steps are to progress. Students will be able to identify and understand what they need to do to achieve their goal. WIN teachers will provide tools and opportunities for multiple exposures to concepts to consolidate skills, make learning visible and allow students to celebrate successes during these designated sessions.


The subject Aspire aims to tap into student passion to develop critical thinking skills through student directed inquiries. It promotes student voice and agency through self-directed learning.  Students can explore subjects that are outside the prescribed curriculum, allowing them to develop expertise in a topic or subject that is linked to their passion area. Through developing this expertise, they will build their learner confidence to be able to transfer this to their other subject disciplines. Aspire is a subject that encourages our students to be inquisitive and curious learners.